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Event Details

  • DateSun 04 December 2016
  • Time5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • VenueGeorge Burnett Leisure Centre
  • LocationManning Road Karawara WA 6152
  • TypeWorkshop
  • Ticket$Free per person
  • Table$Free per table (seats Only 40 seats available)
  • ContactPatsy Lim
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We’ll be teaching on the following:

• Solving the people puzzle – Recognize the pattern in human behaviour and employ the pattern for greater success in PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS.
• 5 Common Mistakes in Goal Setting – Not achieving your goals? The failure is in the process. If you are going to set goals based on what you know you can do, you have already developed the habit of settling for less.
• Becoming an Effective Business Leader – Anyone can tell you WHAT is required of you to become a leader. We’ll take you beyond that and show you the HOW of leadership.

You will leave this 2 hour workshop with at least one mind changing idea that will create a desire for motivation and self-improvement. You must currently be in business to attend – if you’re not in business this workshop just won’t be relevant to you. It is a FREE event, but you must register. Bring plenty of business cards for networking. There will be time allocated at the end of the workshop for you to network with like-minded business owners.

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