Ruby Webinar Foundations of Business Planning

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  • DateWed 08 July 2015
  • Time1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
  • VenueWebinar
  • Location National
  • TypeSeminar
  • ContactRuby Connection
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Do you have a vision for where your business will be 5 years from now?

Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to you?

Do you have a clear idea of what success looks like for you?


Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned professional, developing a business plan can boost your confidence and make a significant difference in achieving your business goals.  Having a business plan is like having a roadmap.  It helps to clearly identify what success means for your business, as well as pointing out opportunities to explore, roadblocks to overcome and helps get you back on track when circumstances change.


This interactive webinar will showcase the difference that a business plan could make for your business, and then will guide you on developing and maintaining your plan.  With the right tools at your disposal, you could gain a real and tangible competitive advantage.


We’ll help you learn how to:

  • Identify your personal vision for your business
  • Identify potential opportunities to leverage and gain a competitive advantage
  • Identify potential roadblocks and find ways to overcome them
  • Develop clear measures for success

Is this webinar for you?

This webinar is ideal for anyone who:

  • Has recently started their own business, or is looking to start one in the future
  • Is an existing business owner or manager who has never developed a business plan before
  • Is an existing business owner or manager who wants to refresh an existing business plan
  • Is an  individual who is looking to develop business planning skills

Please note the time of the webinar is Australian Eastern Standard Time