Motivation, Strategy and Design

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  • DateMon 12 May 2014
  • Time7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • VenueAustralian Institute of Management
  • Location7 Macquarie Place Sydney NSW 2000
  • TypeSeminar
  • Ticket$55 Member / $66 Non Member per person
  • Table$Price for a table per table (seats Normally between 8-12)
  • ContactAustralian Institute of Management
    1300 855 682
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There are two conventional ways to approach motivation – set goals and try to change attitudes and beliefs (which takes a lot of personalised effort), or develop incentives and rewards to inspire effort (which takes a lot of money). However, according to motivation strategy and design expert, Dr Jason Fox, there is a third new approach – designing the work itself to be inherently motivating. In this session, Jason will help you: Understand the single underlining element that makes motivation work (it's not what you think) Unearth the hidden behavioural traits that impede your progress in the stuff that matters Learn how to apply the three core elements of game design to any project or task Discover why you need to abandon SMART goal setting for important work (and what you can replace it with) Keep teams motivated and engaged (without incentives, rewards or fist-pumping) Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to influence behaviour, shape culture and build for the future of work using the science of motivation and the power of game design