Discover Your Purpose In Life - Find Your Y Live Event

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  • DateFri 06 June 2014
  • Time9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • VenueKaralta Connect
  • Location18 Karalta Ln #1a Erina NSW 2250
  • TypeNetworking
  • Ticket$Price per person per person
  • Table$Price for a table per table (seats Normally between 8-12)
  • ContactShar Moore
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Have you ever wanted true happiness, by living your life's purpose? Have you noticed other people who have this abundant energy and positive vibe around them and wondered how you could have it too? Discovering your true purpose in life, will not only bring you happiness, but a true sense of purpose. This 1 day course, could change the way you do business forever! Simon Sinek is a global thought leader and for the past 18 months, has worked on a detailed program to help Business owners, just like you, gain absolute clarity on what your Y is. What you are truly gifted with and how to implement these skills and passions into your current business. The reason most businesses fail is, they don't incorporate their natural talents into their business and often don't work in an industry or business they are passionate in. Would you like to be happy everyday and know that you are marking a difference in the world? Shar Moore is one of Simon Sineks Facilitators and will guide you step by step in this 1 day live event, to help you personally uncover your true purpose in life. You will leave this event knowing why you are here and how to implement this into your Business straight away. This group will be intimate and the workshop will be very hands on and practical. It is not a lecture where you sit there and take notes, you will be doing the work then and there as this is the best way for a busy entrepreneur to get it done straight away. This 1 course, could change your business and life forever! Whose ready to step up and find your true purpose in life and live a life by design?