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About Ruby

Ruby – a central platform where a tribe of like-minded women come together and become not only more financially confident, but more empowered about what they can achieve for their futures. We forge real connections between women in Australia – whether you’re starting your financial journey, actively investing, an established family or winding down to retirement. Ruby is a place – your place – where you can inspire and be inspired, educate and be educated, and above all else: realise your dreams.

Ruby isn’t just another website that publishes generic content that has no relevance to your life. As an interactive online community, we focus on the key life moments that have the biggest impact on Australian women – no matter what you do, where you live or who you bank with.

We share real-life stories from within the Ruby community, as well as from strong female role models from all walks of life. These stories are made for women who are taking control of their finances and forging a path of independence, no matter where they are in life’s journey. We make things simpler – as it should be.

We’re working to advance financial confidence across all generations of women to pave the way for a stronger, better future for all women.

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