Making You The Expert

Whether your a large or small organisation it can be difficult to understand your Insurance policies. We will visit or call you to explain the fine print. Call us and advise a time that suits you. Louise Business Insurance for Women

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  • Lisa Evans

    Public Speaking Complimentary Mini Coaching Session

    Hi, my name is Lisa Evans and I am a professional speaker and a certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach. I help leaders create powerful presentations with compelling business stories. In a complimentary 30 minute session I will take you through a speaking skills self assessment and give you some practical and powerful tips to improve your speaking. Whether it is an interview or speech you have coming up, or you want to build your confidence to be able to influence with your speaking skills then this is ideal for you. I only have a limited amount of spots so the link will only be up for a short while.

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    By Lisa Evans

    Expiry date: 31 Jul 2017

  • Bree Somer

    Get 20% OFF your next session

    Ruby Connection Members get 20% OFF your next coaching or counselling session - use coupon 'network20' at the checkout

    By Bree Somer

    Expiry date: 30 Jun 2017

  • Penelope Hall

    Special Price for 90 Day Intoxicating 360 Programme

    Spend 90 Days with me, online, making a difference to your every day life, returning to your Homebase HQ (the "inside" you), and discovering much about yourself that perhaps you never knew was hiding. It's a compassionate and fulfilling journey and many changes and shifts can occur - which often seem like magic, without being magic. We focus, put in the hard yards, celebrate & so much more. Ruby Members for 90 Days $399pp Normal for 90 Days $550pp Please make contact on or phone 1300 011 588. Penelope x

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    By Penelope Hall

    Expiry date: 31 Mar 2017

  • Penelope Hall

    Special Entry into Making Bloody Good Life Choices Event

    My Signature Gig in Adelaide is HERE NOW! Enter the promotional code RUBY into the box for a $45 discount off the standard ticket price of $110. Ruby Price is now $65pp. Roll the Dice with me, meet some new people, have some revelations and of course some fun (know me, know I like to "do" outside the square). Penelope

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    By Penelope Hall

    Expiry date: 10 Mar 2017

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