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Westpac Expert Angle webinar - the Federal Budget, the economy and you

08 May 2017

Besa Deda, Chief Economist St George Bank

Westpac Group expert Chief Economist Besa Deda (above) in conversation with Ruby Editor Louise Upton discusses how the 2017 Federal Budget will affect you. Register here.

On May 31, Davidson Institute and Ruby will bring you a free webinar with our expert, Chief Economist St George Bank Besa Deda. Navigate your course through this year's Federal Budget with our expert. What changes specifically affect you and your financial goals? Where can you benefit from budget policy changes and if something is going to affect your finances how can you plan for it?

Besa Deda did her undergraduate studies in economics at the University of Sydney. From there, she joined the Colonial Graduate Program of the Colonial Group.

Besa remembers early in her career one manager advising her that her career would be determined by what she knew, who she knew and luck.

“We can't do much about luck,” says Besa, “but we can improve what we know and who we know. The university environment is a perfect place to acquire the 'what you know', and also form friendships and acquaintances that help form part of the 'who we know' bit, which we add to throughout a career with our networks. My other piece of advice is to work hard and always try and do your very best, no matter the circumstances.”

In 2008, Besa was appointed Chief Economist of St.George Bank, a position she has held for almost 10 years.

Navigate the Federal Budget and what it means to you and business with Besa. Don’t let the outcome of the Federal Budget overwhelm you and take your focus off what you want to achieve financially. Listen in and ask the questions you want answers to about how budget policy will affect you. Find out what will affect you positively and negatively and start planning how to best take advantage with your new knowledge.

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