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Make Your Home Winter-Ready with These Essential Tips

17 November 2017

Winters can be too harsh to get along, but with right preparation, it's easy to breeze through even the coldest months of the year. Here are a few essential tips, most of which are DIY, to make your home winter-ready and lower your utility bills.

Have a look and thank us later.

Install a Reverse Switch for Your Ceiling Fan

If your ceiling fan doesn't have a reverse switch, get it installed today. This petty one-time investment can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. How, if you ask? Running the fan's blades clockwise will help ensure proper air-flow in the room, as the hot air around the ceiling will be pushed down to keep the entire room warm, uniformly and for a longer time; thereby, cutting down your energy bills.

Ensure Your Heating System in Good Shape

A quick inspection can potentially save you expensive repair bills and extreme hassles on a cold day. If you are facing any problem with your heating system, don't wait for it to turn bigger and nastier. Call in an expert for ducted heating repairs in Cranbourne, or wherever you are based, to keep all heating-related problems at bay. For uninterrupted warmth and comfort, make sure your heating system is operating at manufacturer-rated efficiency.

Fill the gaps and cracks around windows

Your ducted heating system is working fine, but you're still wondering why is it taking too long to cozy up your room. Chances are the cracks and gaps around your windows are letting the cold air in. Use a suitable sealant to fill up the cracks and gaps in order to boost your heating efficiency. Silicone caulk can be a preferred choice for filling up cracks, as it doesn't shrink or get affected by weather in any way.

Clean the Roof Gutters

Blocked gutter is the last thing you will want to deal with during winters, especially when it's snowing outside and gutter blockage is making the situation worse. So make sure it's taken care of beforehand. To avoid hassles, you can install gutter guards to keep debris and foliage from blocking the gutters and downspout. Clear gutters are a sign of healthy roof drainage system, but if you notice a puddle around your gutter inlet, get up there with your unclogging tools or hire an expert to do it for you.

Drain all your exterior faucets

The water in your exterior faucets may freeze and expand at night, causing the pipes to burst unexpectedly. This is a common yet serious problem that could happen to any property. First of all, cut off water supply to your exterior faucets and drain them completely to make sure no considerable amount of water rests inside the pipes. You will not want any trouble to deal with while you are fast asleep at night.

Bonus Tip

Your car is part of where you live, and just like other parts of your home, it requires a little care during winters. It is advisable to maintain 50-50 mix of water and anti-freeze in your car's radiator to keep water from freezing and causing severe damage to the engine.


Winters are an exciting part of the year, especially for those who love to get into their fur jacket, paired with long boots, and enjoy hot cuisines at cozy restaurants. If you wish to enjoy winters to the fullest, make sure your home is protected against the ordeal of the season.

Happy winters!