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Win $4,995 worth of strategy and prizes with the Ultimate Event Giveaway!

06 March 2017

Have you seen this yet?! I am so excited to announce that the very first Ultimate Event Giveaway is now OPEN!

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My business, Event Head, has always strived to give back to the wider community in many ways.

Through pro-bono work for charities, complimentary copies of my toolkit to charitable organisations, fundraising events, donating thousands of dollars to various causes, creating and providing free resources and materials for those who are just starting out and more, you can see that one of our core values is generosity with heart.

And now, we are taking things up a notch by providing an incredible opportunity for an entrepreneur or business owner to work with me 1:1 to get their business into shape.

As Robert Ingersoll famously said, ‘We rise by lifting others.’ And I’m here to tell you that my business did not get to where it is today by me being a lone wolf.

I was afforded love, support, cheerleading and opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had by generous people who believed in me and what I could achieve.

Now it is time to pass it on. To keep the karma going and give someone an opportunity to create something amazing.

Will you join me?

You have the chance to win $4,995 worth of prizes including:

+ 1:1 strategy day with me with champers in hand. Live in Australia? Let's meet in Melbourne. Live in Europe? We'll catch up in London or Paris. Live in the US? We'll be doing our planning in New York!

+ 3 hours Virtual Event Assistance. Sit back and relax while we find you the most perfect venue for your event and some wonderful suppliers.

+ An exclusive Event Head eBundle full of the tools and templates you need to run your event like a professional.

+ A $250 pre-paid Visa to help you get to your chosen desitination for our strategy day. Don't worry about driving - not when there's a champs on offer!

+ A deluxe goody bag full of treats! Yeah you bet you are going to get spoilt when we meet up!

Sound good to you? Enter now at:

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Good luck!