The PU.M.P.™ Workshop

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  • DateWed 28 September 2016
  • Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • VenueQuest Chermside
  • Location9 Thomas Street (Parking details provided after registration) Chermside QLD 4032
  • TypeWorkshop
  • Ticket$137 Earlybird, Standard $197 per person
  • Table$see booking
  • ContactSally Foley-Lewis
    0401 442 464
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Workshop Objectives: 1. Uncover what hinders your productivity. 2. Gain greater awareness of how you manage your time, energy and focus. 3. Reduce your time wasters for improved and increased personal productivity. 4. Direct and better control your time, resources, priorities and schedule. 5. Put the notion of important and urgent back into perspective rather than kept under pressure. 6. Learn strategies for being more productive to gain better results. 7. Increase your self-confidence and sense of achievement through being more productive. Workshop Highlights: 1. Understanding the impact of Time versus Effort - How to use time more effectively. - Know your time wasters, and what to do to avoid them. - Identify when you are at your best, most alert, prime time. - Match your tasks / work for best impact and results. - Learn your procrastination triggers. - Learn how to tackle procrastination. 2. Productivity Tools and Strategies - Using your ‘To Do’ List in the real world. - Making your 'ToDo' List do-able. - Making time blocking work for you. - How to win the battle of important work versus urgent work? - Interruptions, Time Trades, Audits and Space: learn how these will add to your productivity. 3. Multitasking - What multitasking is and what it really isn’t. - Why we multitask and what really happens to you when you do it. - The pitfalls of multitasking, and how to avoid them. - Using goals, intention and routine to minimise multitasking. 4. Being Present - Understand what it means to be present, truly present with others. - How presence impacts on productivity. - The link between presence, stress and productivity. - Practical exercises, tools and strategies to reduce stress so you can be more present and productive. About Your Workshop Presenter: Sally Foley-Lewis is an expert in productivity and time management. In this practical and interactive workshop, she will help you to recognise what’s stopping you from reaching your full potential. You’ll learn loads of new ideas and important strategies that you can use the very next day to increase output and perform at your best.

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